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Are you ambitious and highly committed to growing your business?

Ready to invest in your dreams?
How BIG are you ready to go?!

Individual Business Coaching

No Excuses, Pure Solutions, Become Unstoppable

We'll coach you to uncover and get rid of anything holding you back!

2 Hour Business Intensive Strategy Session


  • Uncover and overcome any conscious limiting beliefs hindering your success
  • Create for you a new set of standards that will ensure you take consistent action moving forward
  • Dive deep into your current strategy  and business plan to fill any gaps
  • Identify distractions
  • Create a new improved strategy and action plan for your  business to help increase revenues and create a bigger impact

6 Month Business Accelerator Coaching Program

Here we will take your business to the next level with serious accountability! We will help you create a plan for growth and systems to allow you to be more profitable. You will become more focused on your vision, goals and get specific on  systems and strategy to make that dream a reality. There will be no limits here! This is for you if you're ultra motivated and committed to your business!

✅Need to be held accountable?  
✅Ready to level up your business? 
✅Need help staying on track and managing your time? 
✅Need to learn to track your numbers better and get organized? 
✅Want to increase your income & stop money blocks?
✅Need a positive mindset shift ?  
✅Need to learn better packaging and offers? 
✅Want to build confidence in yourself & your prices? 
✅ Need clarity on your direction and brand?

The program will consist of the following:
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited access to our team via WhatsApp
  • Weekly Check-in's


  • positive review  Nicholle and Sarah are so knowledgeable. They have inspired my business partners and I to dig deep and make the most of our opportunities. The advice Nicholle provides is relatable, relevant, and it really will benefit us. I can’t wait to get to work!!

    thumb Kimberly Pachetti

    positive review  It’s incredible when women come together and have nothing but love and support for each other! Thank you Nicholle for your energy, honesty, encouragement, and motivation! You’ve truly changed my life, helped me focus and set me on the path to success. You are AMAZING!

    thumb Courtney Duncan
  • positive review  Nicole has so much knowledge to share in a real, positive manner. Love her honesty and energy!!

    thumb Jodi MacKinnon

    positive review  I started my business as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® about two years ago. It has been difficult to get my business established, I started working with Nicholle as my business mentor for the last 8 months. In that short period of time I have learned so many valuable lessons to market and grow my business. Including the importance of using Social Media for my target audience. She takes the time to listen to your goals and gives you constructive feedback. Her positive outlook helps you stay focused and budget your time on what needs to get done for your business . Nicholle reviews your finances to ensure your know what your expenses and revenue needs are to maintain your lifestyle. I highly recommend Powerhouse Money Coaching !

    thumb Gina Nalbone Phillips
  • positive review  I Highly recommend Powherhouse Money coaching. These women help you get your personal or business (or both) finances in order. They know their stuff and will help you look at the big picture. Coming from someone who is not finance savvy, they always make me feel comfortable to ask plenty of questions so I can better understand my money and make it work for me. They often host workshops at their office or in the community on topics such as leveling up your business, investing, or home buying making finance seem fun in a relaxed setting where you can ask plenty of questions and understand the basics. With Powherhouse Money Coaching I finally feel like I have someone I can go to with my money questions with out feeling ashamed or embarrassed for not already knowing the answer.

    thumb Dana D'Angelo

    positive review  My partner and I own a small marketing firm in Buffalo, NY. In our seventh year of operation, we found ourselves growing at a clip that made us a little uncomfortable, and unable to operate effectively as the tiny, homegrown business that we had been. My partner suggested we work with Nicholle Overkamp at Powherhouse Money Coaching for a 6-month business coaching program and it turned out to be one of - if not THE - best decisions we have made for our business. In six short months, Nicholle worked with us to refine our pricing, complete our business plan, isolate - I mean REALLY isolate - our target audience, change our entire employment model from subcontractors to employees, communicate better with each other as partners, put our OWN marketing on the front burner, and hire and train a new key role at our company. Nicholle made it really easy to communicate with her and she followed up with us consistently to ensure that we were on track to meet our goals. We will absolutely continue to work with Powherhouse and Nicholle and are extremely grateful for all of the insight, guidance and expertise she has provided to us.

    thumb Lauren Molenda

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