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About Nicholle Overkamp, MBA

Nicholle has been in the "Money" industry for over 10 years. She's the friend you've always needed for Money Coaching and setting a positive money mindset!

When it comes to your business, she will be your partner to get you to that next level. Building her own company from the ground up, she understands the challenges you go through building a business and how to make your passion a success.

Nicholle founded PowHERhouse Money Coaching to focus on helping smart women gain control of their money and shift their money mindset to one of abundance and positivity! Her mission is to guide women to own their future and get what they want!

Her no BS energetic approach makes a typically boring subject, super fun and exciting. She will get you empowered to take action and achieve your goals. You'll never feel judged, her personality will motivate you while allowing you to feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

About Sarah Blankenship, MBA

With over 10 years in the industry Sarah is also a money coach and is a rock star when it comes to budgeting, spending plans and paying down debt! She's also a fitness fanatic that can totally help you get on board with meal prepping to save money, while being healthy!

Sarah works with the clients throughout the money coaching process, keeping them on track, helping them complete reach goals.

Sarah's positive and nurturing personality will put you at ease and make the process enjoyable- like having a cup of coffee with your bestie.

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Ready to take your money mindset and business to the next level!? You will learn your money type and the impact that it's having on your business and finances. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs, money blocks, stress and anxiety! Working together, you'll reach your goals, gain confidence, focus on priorities, be held accountable and identify distractions. Let us be your team to become the ultimate PowHERhouse you're made for!

We are obsessed with your success.

It's time to LEVEL UP and change your life! 

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Meet Caitlin Chmura!

"Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are responsible for helping me get my shit together and got me on the right path to become a money bitch!"

Meet Kelly!

"Thank you for the meeting this morning. Your counsel is essential to our family’s long term success. Despite the four degrees between my husband and I, financial guidance was still desperately lacking. I’m glad we found you and your firm."

Meet Courtney Duncan!

This is such an eye-opening experience, everyone needs this! These women are wonderful and amazing! I have fully put my finances and trust into there hands and in less than a year we are in a position that I didn’t think was possible! Check them out!

Meet Stephanie Hacker!

I was about to turn 30 and I was doing pretty well but I knew financially I could be doing a lot better. Yes I’ve taken a lot of vacations and have nice things but I knew it was time to start planning for my future. I followed PowHerhouse Money on Instagram and kept seeing all their great post and live videos. I went to message Nicholle 2 times before I actually did. Once I did she was so welcoming and helpful that I scheduled a meeting and it was the best choice I’ve made. I was so nervous for our first meeting and even emotional. I felt bad for all the vacations and spending I did in my 20’s I felt like I should have saved more etc. Nicholle made me feel better to put the past behind me, and set goals for the future and crush them. Not only did Nicholle and Sarah come up with a financial plan for me that helped me tackle my debt and save more. Nicholle even coached me into building my side hustle into more income. Within the first month after meeting Nicholle I already paid back my investment in my financial future from my side hustle.

I would recommend Nicholle and Sarah to anyone who wants to take back their finances, get a plan in place and get rid of financial stress. They make you feel like you can take on the world and you can with their help! Please do not feel ashamed, embarrassed or think you’re not worth the time because they can help anyone in any situation! I also love that Remi is part of their office that’s just the type of vibe the office has! When I walked into the office for the first time, I was very nervous and to my surprise a golden doodle met me at the door I instantly felt less stressed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me now that I am armed with a plan thanks to these ladies!

Meet Caitlin Hoffman!

Nicholle and Sarah have completely changed my financial future. I felt like I was “too late” in figuring it all out and it was easier to just keep spiraling.

I went to HS with Nicholle in Buffalo, NY. In a crazy stream of events, I ran into her in my building where I was living in Austin, TX where she had an Air BNB. What the hell are the odds? I had followed her career on social and always been interested. A few months after this I reached out and after one conversation hired her and Sarah on. I wasn’t judged...I WAS quickly understood, supported, and listened to on what I wanted. We made a plan and they helped me execute even with all of the road bumps.

I’m not perfect at financial health but I certainly wouldn’t be in the place I am without these two kick- ass ladies! They were they’re even in the “I want this shirt, but shouldn’t buy this shirt” moments and the “how do I make this trip/purchase fit my goals so I don’t lose the memory” moments. It isn’t limiting. You won't regret this!

Meet Amy Hartl!

I’m so excited for the book Money Bitch! My amazing business coaches and financial planners are badass boss babes who wrote a book! Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are showing me that adulting isn’t as hard as it seems when you have the right team behind you and helping me focus and grow my businesses. I look forward to every conversation with them and highly recommend Wilcox Financial Services and PowHerhouse Coaching to all women looking to strengthen their relationship with money. 
Congratulations ladies!