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PowHERhouse business Bootcamp!
Our signature Group Coaching program

12 Months to take your business to the next level!

This is a group program for ambitious business owners looking for serious accountability and a community and thrive in!
Are you ready to invest and grow your business?

Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward?
Need help getting focused because you have a ton of ideas but are paralyzed by which one to act on first? 

Looking for better systems, process implementation and ways to be more efficient to put more time back in your day? 

Looking for better ways to motivate your team? 

Perhaps you have a little impostor syndrome going on and need more confidence to go crush it! 

Are you trying to do all the things but none of them are working really well?

Need help with your sales process, verbiage or packaging?

How about making more money and increasing your revenue so you can work your way toward financial freedom?

The PowHERhouse Business Bootcamp coaching program is an  intense dive into your business strategy. You WILL grow through what you’re currently struggling with and push on to the next level.

This group program is for you if you’re an action taker, motivated and ready to commit the time to getting what you want out of your business. Even if it involves getting uncomfortable.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you're tired of playing small, need a community for support and serious accountability lets chat to see if this is a fit! 

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our approach

This 12 month intensive business coaching program will change the way you do business.

This program is limited to a small group to create an intimate culture of the ultimate support team. You will have a trusted "board of advisers" to help you with ideas, motivation and feedback. You may even meet your next business bestie! 
we give you tools to

increase your income, reach your goals, and to get out of your own way!

Often the difference between some of the game changing decisions you make and getting to the next level is having a conversation with the right coach and team. Throughout this program we will always be pushing you to the next level and eliminating doubts and fear. We will be your business life line. Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and isolating and this is your solution for the ultimate support system.

Our program gives you UNLIMITED access to a group coaching line via WhatsAPP!

Can you say 12 months of HUGE transformation and value! This will be the chat room for everyone to post questions, celebrate and get coaching advice and support as you need it throughout the month!

What does the 12 Month Program look like?

You’ll get a live initial workshop of our signature LEVEL UP presentation + 60 minutes of introductions and Q&A for the group to get acquainted with one another. 

Access to Our Business Accelerator Course: 
Valuable modules to use at your own pace including worksheets and templates. You’ll have this course to keep forever and refer back to. All recorded coaching calls will also be posted to this!

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls:
Deep dive hot seat, live Q&A coaching and personal support.

Weekly Accountability Check in's: 
No excuses or getting in your own way. You'll be held accountable for everything you say you want to do and we will help you achieve it.  

We LOVE working with women who know what they want and are ready to do what it takes to level up!

Powherhouse money coaching

If you are ready for transformation, tired of playing small and motivated to take your business to the next level, this is for you!

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become a money bitch

Money Bitch:
A No-BS guide for smart women who want to own their financial future!

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What Our Clients Say

Meet Caitlin Chmura

"Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are responsible for helping me get my shit together and got me on the right path to become a money bitch!"

Meet Caitlin Hoffman

"Nicholle and Sarah have completely changed my financial future. I felt like I was “too late” in figuring it all out and it was easier to just keep spiraling.... "

Meet Amy Hartl!

"I’m so excited for the book Money Bitch! My amazing business coaches and financial planners are badass boss babes who wrote a book! Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are showing.... "
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