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Are you making good money and feeling like things are going pretty well? Are you ready to level up the financial piece of your life with a plan? Are you sick of talking to financial professionals who speak to you in industry jargon and who you don’t feel have your specific needs in mind?

Whether you have been beating yourself up for your money mistakes of the past or just trying to figure out if you are doing everything right, you need a team who is going to educate and explain your finances to you in a way that is simple and makes you feel comfortable. If you are motivated and ready to invest the time, money and energy in yourself then we can make your goals a reality!

You feel that right now? It’s relief. You finally found a financial team who is ready to help you build wealth and have the freedom and security you deserve. We can’t wait to create peace of mind and an amazing financial future for you.

Discovery Call

We have a 30 minute call to see if we're a good fit for each other and if you're right for our program.

And guess what? It's FREE! (zero risk!)

On Boarding

A deep dive into your goals and what you want to accomplish while working together. We'll also talk about the information we'll need from you to begin the process of transforming your Money Mindset!

Strategy Session &
Action Plan

We have a deep dive chat on whats holding you back from reaching your goals, your money blocks and how we can break down those mental barriers!
our approach

6 Month Coaching Intensive

Monthly coaching calls

Weekly accountability

Ongoing anytime access to our team for support, questions and love

Powherhouse money coaching

Our personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting success.

*20 minutes for FREE
become a money bitch

Money Bitch:
A No-BS guide for smart women who want to own their financial future!

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What Our Clients Say

Meet Caitlin Chmura

"Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are responsible for helping me get my shit together and got me on the right path to become a money bitch!"

Meet Caitlin Hoffman

"Nicholle and Sarah have completely changed my financial future. I felt like I was “too late” in figuring it all out and it was easier to just keep spiraling.... "

Meet Amy Hartl!

"I’m so excited for the book Money Bitch! My amazing business coaches and financial planners are badass boss babes who wrote a book! Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are showing.... "
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